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"A good locksmith is as good as having the key"

Milton Keynes Police Locksmith Contractor
Chubb/Yale or almost any lock - A good locksmith is as good as having the key
Lost your keys?
Always keep our details on your mobile phone in case of such emergencies

Local locksmith trader approved by Milton Keynes Trading Standards

Approved by Trading Standards

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Milton Keynes , Newport Pagnell and Newport Pagnell  areas

Locksmith serving Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell  supplying insurance approved locksCall us now on: 07770 375438

Local professional locksmith serving: Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell and adjoing areas.

Local faster, better Milton Keynes emergency locksmith service

Police Approved Milton Keynes Locksmith

24/7 Locksmith services offering:

  • Local
  • Trusted
  • Fast and efficient
  • Minimal damage during entry
  • Just when you need it...

07770 375438

Consider a Milton Keynes emergency locksmith as your friend and have our phone number on your mobile just in case you are locked out. You never know what life's dramas will throw at you. You could simply:

  • Mislay your keys
  • Have a key snap in your lock
  • Find your house broken into by your ex-partner
  • Removed an ex-business director but sent them home with the cars keys and your office keys attached!
  • The need to call in a locksmith is endless...

Just moved in? Who really has just moved out and do they still have your keys with their friends, neighbours or family!

Let me just show you why it is vital for you to have your local locksmith's number on your mobile. Let's say that you are locked out. You are standing outside in the rain with two children and your not in your office, or home, so no local magazines or local directories. It's late, so now you use your mobile to Google for your local 24/7 Milton Keynes locksmith and find that national 0845 or 0800 number. You call it,while stressed out, to be told that a locksmith is on their way. Well in reality, more often than not, is you just called an agency and that will cost you plenty. The agent will get to get any distant locksmith, who's on their books, to visit you in Milton Keynes -so when will they turn up? More often than not they will be overdue because they don't know the area and it is dark. Did you notice how you have paid up-front and they don't turn up.  This really is how it happens unless you can take a note of our phone number:

07770 375438

If your mobile had our number, as a reliable Milton Keynes locksmith, then you would get a faster service at one third of the cost. So how much is the cost, try national agent charges ~£150 while we may only charge you £50+VAT with a faster and better service. This would be your choice if only you recorded our 24/7 Milton Keynes locksmith number on your mobile!

Would you like to have your national agent say "How's Friday?" while you say, "Friday?, but it is Wednesday and we are locked out now?". Worse still, "We don't cover your area... and your battery is almost flat at the end of the day"!

Phone the real skilled locksmiths trusted and used by the police authority not some national locksmith agency. A Milton Keynes locksmith should offer a 24-hour emergency "Same Day Service" as a 24/7 locksmith. In fact with such domestic and commercial locksmith emergencies they should offer to be on-site, or at your home, within a hour or two.

When you telephone us you will be offered polite and quality customer service. As a Milton Keynes locksmith we can offer the most reliable Milton Keynes locksmith services, and our coverage area ranges from Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell and surrounding areas.

As a mobile Milton Keynes locksmith we can supply services such as installation of new locks, making keys, picking locks and fixing old locks. We are skilled as real locksmiths.  We can, more often than not, gain entry in a non-destructive way. Non-destructive entry will keep your costs low.

We are a locksmith with 24/7 services in Milton Keynes so put our telephone number in your phone today. Any national locksmith agency may send a locksmith who does not know Milton Keynes and may come from far away - so how much time will you need to wait even if they do turn up?

Police approved 24/7 Milton Keynes locksmith
Put our telephone number on your phone today

07770 375438
before you are locked out by accident!


Locksmith serving Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell  supplying insurance approved locksLocal professional locksmith serving: Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell and adjoing areas:
Call: 07770 375438

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Milton Keynes Locksmith non-destructive entry saves money

Why Choose Us

Key points to why choose us
  • 24 hour callout
  • Landlord services
  • Emergency entry
  • Police registered
  • UPVC specialist
  • Lock repair
  • Fully insured
  • Schools
  • BS standards
  • Duplicate key
  • 1 Hour Response
  • Industrial services
  • Mobile Key Cutting
  • Attention to detail
  • Clean & Tidy
  • We turn up!

We turn up
when others let you down!

We are not an agent call centre.
When you telephone us and we say:
"We will turn up..."
we do