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"A good locksmith is as good as having the key"

Milton Keynes Police Locksmith Contractor
Chubb/Yale or almost any lock - A good locksmith is as good as having the key
Lost your keys?
Always keep our details on your mobile phone in case of such emergencies

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Approved by Trading Standards

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Locksmith serving Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell  supplying insurance approved locksCall us now on: 07770 375438

Local professional locksmith serving: Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell and adjoing areas.

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Talk with a knowledgable Milton Keynes locksmith not a telephone call centre

Locked out?
Moved into a new home or relocated - need a security review?
Burgled and need better window and door security?
Lost door lock keys and need new tumblers/locks fitted?
Window or door Locks failed?
Landlords - tenant gone and need to keep a new set of keys?
Master key lock systems for controlled access?
Schools - police approved contractor
Insurance Approved

Above all you need locksmith you can rely upon and one that is trusted by the local police authority.
A locksmith able to do a good job with the minimal (if any) damage and therefore expense.

Locked out, need an emergency locksmith?

Do not wait too long for a locksmithDon't wait too long for an emergency locksmith call out!

We come from Milton Keynes and know Milton Keynes well.  We are a real locksmith not an agency. When we say we can respond rapidly to emergency call outs - we do!

Chubb/Yale, you name it, we help you re-enter your property.  As an emergency locksmith professional, we would likely gain non-destructive entry without damaging the lock.  We have the lock picking tools, authority to carry them and the skills to rapidly regain entry.  In most domestic situations it does not take very much time to gain entry.  You will be asked for proof of identity before we start work.  Remember: "A good locksmith is as good as having the key" for non-destructive entry.

Burgled and need better security?

Burglar breaking in can be prevented

Being burgled is distressing and we advise that the locks / tumblers are replaced with insurance approved locks for all external doors.  Burglers can, and do, steal spare keys and they may re-visit you to steal new items you have replaced.  We will remedy this by replacing the tumblers/locks and carry out a free security review - if requested.  We issue insurance approved VAT registered receipts.

Lost keys and need new tumblers/locks fitted?

For good reasons, many domestic insurance policies enable you to claim for key/lock replacements should you loose your keys.  Your security is compromised unless you have your locks replaced.

Just Relocated?

Relocated into your new home? Who's still got a copy of your keys?

Change the locks and have a free security assessment - make a fresh start. Leave the past behind you and make sure that you are secure in your new home.

Locks failed?

Sticking doors, with excessive force turning an old key, can lead to the key snapping in the lock.  We can resolve this and make the lock/door workable again.

Landlords - change of tenant?

Landlord key copy by tennentWe all like to think that we can trust people but, when a tenant changes, did they take a copy of the house/flat keys?

Our recommendation is for landlords to keep multiple sets of keys which can be switched between tenants.  If you record which set of keys were issued then you have better control of this risk.  Our prices are so moderate that it may be simpler and better to fit new internal tumblers anyway.


Master Key Lock System

A Master Key Lock System enhances the one key system to provide the user with a key to open all locks but allows for individual keys which will only access some groups of locks.  A school the Head teacher and caretaker may require access to every door but teachers may only be given access to their classroom and the Main entrance door.  These keys to door groups can start with one key opens all while other leys only open main entry plus one floor or room.

Police approved contractor

I am a police approved contractor with my picture and full details held on file with the police authority.

Insurance Approved

Insurance Approved Locks And Claim ReceiptsAll our mortice locks are British Standard 3621 insurance approved. You may invalidate your insurance if poor quality locks are fitted in your home or business. We also give you insurance approved VAT registered receipts.


Locksmith serving Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell  supplying insurance approved locksLocal professional locksmith serving: Milton Keynes / Newport Pagnell / Newport Pagnell and adjoing areas:
Call: 07770 375438

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Milton Keynes Locksmith non-destructive entry saves money

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  • 24 hour callout
  • Landlord services
  • Emergency entry
  • Police registered
  • UPVC specialist
  • Lock repair
  • Fully insured
  • Schools
  • BS standards
  • Duplicate key
  • 1 Hour Response
  • Industrial services
  • Mobile Key Cutting
  • Attention to detail
  • Clean & Tidy
  • We turn up!

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We are not an agent call centre.
When you telephone us and we say:
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we do

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